1st to 3rd Base Running


  • Start with runners at first base.
  • Coach is coaching third base.
  • Another coach/parent is in right field with a ball.
  • Set out a cone just before second base, so that the runner runs around the outside of it in an angle that when the runner hits second base they are in a direct straight line to third base.
  • Coach tells runner at first base to “GO!”
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Runner must look at the coach at third base right before they hit second base and immediately after they pass second base.
  • The coach at third base either tells the runner to keep coming or to “STOP!”
  • When the runner is stopped, the runner has to immediately stop, turn to find the ball, while getting back to second base.
  • If the outfield coach/parent has the ball in their hands the runner gets back. If the outfield coach/parent does not have ball (if it is on the ground) then runner turns around and runs to third base.


Outfield coach can throw a ball (be sure to have a tennis ball or cloth/mush ball) to another coach acting as third baseman who can catch the throw and apply a tag.

The kids love this variation, especially because they can slide into third!!!

1st to 3rd Base Running Game Setup