2017 Coach it Right Baseball Coaches Clinic

Every year we have the privilege of working with St. Louis Sports Commission and helping them host 2017 Coach it Right Baseball Coaches Clinic. We get over 150 coaches who are eager to improve their coaching and attend this clinic. We recorded the 2017 Coach it Right Baseball Coaches Clinic so that you can share this experience with your assistant coaches, parents, players, and organizations.

Below you will find the clinic template that we hand out to the coaches, parents, and organization heads who attend.

2017 Coach it Right Baseball Coaches Clinic – Clinic Outline

Take-a-ways from the 2017 Coach it Right Baseball Coaches Clinic

Coaches from all over the metropolitan area and surrounding areas come each year to this event that is hosted by the St. Louis Sports Commission.

We discuss in great detail hitting, practice organization, progressive drills, coaching tips, pitching, etc...

Interested in having us give a clinic for your organization? We are constantly asked what are the details regarding traveling and performing a clinic, seminar, or event for organizations out of town. We definitely do this on a regular basis. Want to hire Coach Baseball Right?

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