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7 Phases of the Best Pre-Game Warm Up


9-Minute Warm Up Routine I Use to
Get ALL My Players to a Game-Like Level
and Send a Strong Message to Our Opponents

This is the warm up routine I use before all my games to make sure all the players are game ready.

Here’s what you’ll get from this free cheat sheet:

  • It Is Extremely Quick and Efficient (Takes Only 9 Mins) so No One Stands Around Waiting
  • Every Single Player Gets Enough Touches and Makes Enough Throws (in Game-Like Settings and at Game Speed)
  • It ‘Sets the Tone’ for the Game and Shows the Other Teams, Umpires, and Crowd That You Play the Game at Another Level
  • Every Movement the Players Perform During Pre-Game Are Drills and Movements You Work on in Practice (Assuming That You Are Following CBR)
  • You have never seen anything like it! I promise!

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