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About Coach Baseball Right

Coaching baseball the right way is more than just winning!

Yes it's nice to win.

And the baseball resources on this site will help you do that (shameless plug). But, if that is all you are focused on as a coach we believe that you are 'missing the boat.'

We are failing kids.

Based on the credible research we found...40% less kids playing baseball than in 2000.

Overall 70% of kids are dropping out of sports by the age 13.

What is contributing to this dangerous trend!

Watch this video and join the mission to help us keep kids playing sports.

Coaches should help kids develop personally as well as athletically.

  • How to handle mistakes from teammates and others around them (3B makes an error...how does the pitcher react?)
  • How to succeed through excellent preparation (is there a lot of standing around at practice, or are your kids getting better and working hard?)
  • How to make other people around you better (picking up teammates and encouraging them rather than cutting them down)
  • How to handle loss (the best hitters in baseball fail 7 out of 10 times...and life will also inevitably bring losses as well to those that are fortunate enough to live to an old age)
  • How to handle mistakes that are out of your control (bad call by an umpire...getting yelled at by your boss for something that wasn't your fault)
  • What does true commitment mean? (Friends want you to skip a game or practice, what do you do?)

And the list could go on...

Think about it like this:

  • Less than 11 in 100, or 10.5% of NCAA senior male baseball players will get drafted by a Major League Baseball team.
  • Less than 1 in 200, or  0.5 % of high school senior boys playing interscholastic baseball will eventually be drafted by an MLB team.
  • The odds are not good that anyone you coach will end up getting drafted much less make it to the major leagues.

If you are focused solely on winning as a coach, you are missing the chance to equip your kids with a value system that will allow them to face head on whatever challenge life throws their way when they become adults.

You are setting your kids up for being successful parents, business people, spouses. You are enabling them to become the best people that they can be. Research even suggests that!

Developing Today's Players into Tomorrow's Leaders.

Steve Nicollerat

Educator, Coach, and Founder of Coach Baseball Right 

With about 40 years of coaching varsity baseball at St. Louis University High School, running his Youth Baseball Camp for almost 30 years, and many more years playing, including collegiate ball at St. Louis University, Steve has developed a system of teaching baseball which emphasizes fundamentals and positive development, both athletically and personally.

Furthermore, Steve’s experience officiating NCAA basketball has provided his players and parents perspectives in approaching competition and sport that only few can provide. And when you add that Steve has a Master of Science in Computer Science and teaches computer science courses and has created curriculum at St. Louis University High School, Webster University, Fontbonne University, Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy, among many other schools you can see why Steve states:

“Sports are important, and everybody wants to win and you shouldn't apologize for winning, but winning is not the most important part of coaching and what people should be after…you see sports give us the opportunity to use challenges and obstacles to help us all grow into better people...we just have to be smart enough to learn from the lessons the game provides.”

On a more personal level, Steve has raised and coached four children and now has beautiful grandchildren running all around. With all of these experiences, Steve thinks that he has been blessed to be able to grow and learn as an exceptional father, a caring and loving grandfather, a teacher, and as a coach.


Though he does not like to tout his experience and would rather have Coach Baseball Right speak for itself, Steve's experience can be summarized by the following:

  • 38 years as Varsity Head Coach at St. Louis University High School
  • 28 years of running Youth Baseball Camps
  • Former D-1 Men's Basketball Referee
  • Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association Hall of Fame Member
  • Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • Missouri Umpire Coach of the Year Award
  • 1 of only 6 National Epstein Certified Master Hitting Instructors
  • 600+ wins (3rd overall in Missouri)

Steve Nicollerat's Induction Speech into

Missouri High School Hall of Fame

About Jim Manning

James Manning
James ManningFounder and Coach
Jim coached varsity high school baseball for over 7 years and played college baseball. His love for the game started very early when he would go to his Dad's slow pitch softball games and play in the dirt while the game was going on.

Although only 31, Jim has understands how important coaching baseball right is because it saved him...

Click here to learn more about Jim's Story. 

About Tom Zinselmeyer

Tom Zinselmeyer
Tom ZinselmeyerFounder and Coach
Tom has over 15 years of coaching experience with Steve Nicollerat. Currently, he is an high school and university educator.

Tom thinks that “coaching soccer and baseball, not only allows a different perspective to teach kids, but also offers a chance to build relationships with kids outside of the classroom.”