Administrator and Lead Coach Certification

An experience designed to develop Organization and League leaders!

We have designed an educational leadership opportunity for Administrators and Lead Coaches.  As educators, who are focused on best educational and up to date practices, we are trying to help administrators and lead coaches develop into great leaders for their organizations or leagues.

Coach Baseball Right's Administrator and Lead Coach Certification is designed to be a one-on-one experience that equips administrators and lead coaches with specific tools, resources, and strategies with the purpose of becoming leaders and change agents within their communities. 

Every Certified Administrator and Lead Coach will receive:

Administrator and Lead Coach Certification Program Testimonials

I’m Paul Kennedy formerly played both college baseball and football and what this program taught me is there is a system which standardizes at the basic level in baseball to teach, develop and educate players parents and community on the benefits of having a successful program to share and to be passed on to following generations of coaches and families.

Paul Kennedy, Coach Baseball Right Certified Lead Coach

San Antonio, TX

The Coach Baseball Right Certification program and the Staff are top notch. They put on a professional session and provide information on how to take a coach's field knowledge, and how to develop and see things from a strategic level. Many coaches are very talented at "on the field" execution, but have very little experience of in the over-arching vision on how to develop and manage an entire organization or league. This conference gives the "Field Generals" (coaches) the insight needed on how to begin planning and develop "tool kits" from an organization structure (strategic) viewpoint and business model.

David Poist, Jr., Coach Baseball Right Certified Lead Coach

San Antonio, TX

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