Affiliate Program

Our national Affiliate Program provides a unique way for passionate baseball people nationwide to continue working in the sport they love while earning commission on qualifying membership sales and organizational program sales. We strive to make our Affiliate Program as seamless as possible to make it easy for our affiliates to do what they do best - share their love of baseball with their communities. Below are two categories that most of our affiliates fall under.

Website and Blog Affiliates

Do you have a website or blog that focus on baseball, coaching, and/or parenting?

We can set you up with a seamless process to start in our affiliate program.

Local Baseball Community Affiliates

Are you a baseball instructor, high school coach, college level coach, or a member of a youth baseball organization or league?

We will give the necessary support to become an active and successful affiliate in your community.

Our Mission, Depth and Scope, One-Stop Resource

 What makes Coach Baseball Right Different?

We believe that Coach Baseball Right and our Membership provides coaches and organizations with an unique mission, depth and scope that no other baseball website has, and it is all on one site. No need to go anywhere else.

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Apply now to join our program to see if it would be a good fit and earn commission through Coach Baseball Right!


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