Atlanta Epstein Hitting Seminar led by Steve Nicollerat

Atlanta Epstein Hitting Seminar/Camp led by Steve Nicollerat
@The Hot Corner | 1865 Grassland Parkway, Alpharetta , GA, 30004

February 17 - 18, 2017 - Cost $225.00 per

The Epstein Hitting Seminar/Camp is our introductory level of training for both baseball and softball. This Atlanta Epstein Hitting Seminar led by Steve NicolleratIt is targeted to professional instructors, indoor training facilities, amateur coaches and most importantly parents of baseball and softball players, AND the players. The majority of attendees are parents investing in themselves to work with their children. This is the greatest gift we (at Epstein Hitting) can provide parents…the knowledge and system to enable parents to stay connected in their kids’ athletic future.

What To Expect

We cover everything from technique to the mental side. We start with hitting vocabulary, common hitting cues (some of which might be incorrect), then use video to identify some commonalities in the swing. We will then discuss the core principles of the swing and talk about how properly those key mechanical movements. Common hitting faults are identified via video and thereafter we will begin foundational drills designed to correct the swing flaws in many amateur hitters.. These drills will be taught in a sequential order as though you are working with a player from A-Z.


  • Friday Evening 7-9 pm - Seminar for Players/Parents/Coaches
  • Saturday Morning 9-11 am - Session 1 Hitting Drills
  • Saturday Afternoon Noon-2 pm - Session 2 Hitting Drills and Closing

What makes Epstein Hitting so successful?

This Atlanta Epstein Hitting Seminar led by Steve Nicollerat covers every aspect of what makes Epstein Hitting so successful around the world. Information is great, but information without implementation means nothing. What sets us apart is the ability to teach and change players in a positive structured way. Anyone with an internet connection can see how the swing is supposed to look; but what makes our training so special is the ability to teach the proper swing in a systematic, ground up approach. Whether you are working with 5 year-olds or 25 year-olds, our training has you covered.

Benefits of Atlanta Epstein Hitting Seminar led by Steve Nicollerat

  • Understand how the swing actually works from bottom up
  • Access to a limited number of drills from our video library
  • Identify the commonalities that all great hitters use
  • See and understand basic hitting faults
  • Learn to effectively analyze videos and the most important factor of all – how to correct what is incorrect!
  • Learn how to teach the swing in pieces so the hitter can understand and then practice properly
  • Discuss teaching hitting in a team setting
  • Learn how to adjust to off-speed pitches
  • Improve your team batting practice with specific drills
  • Increase your “credibility” in your immediate area
  • Learn about other Epstein opportunities

Armie Bombino, President of the Crystal Lake Cardinals and Head Coach of the Cardinals summer collegiate baseball team commented; “Steve did a great job with the Epstein hitting clinic in Crystal Lake. The video comparisons and the analytics using MLB hitters was very revealing. The drills to affect specific difficulties was most helpful as we go back to work with players to help them improve. You always learn something new to add to your tool kit and Steve’s seminar was very insightful with new drills and simple approaches.”


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About Steve Nicollerat

Steve Nicollerat

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I've learned a lot throughout my 40 years of teaching and coaching. I want to share what I have learned to help new coaches help keep their kids engaged and playing while helping them develop personally through the game I love.

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