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We are happy to provide many of our massive library of baseball drills for free to visiting users. Most of these drills are appropriate for all ages groups, however we also have several drills specifically targeted for ages 5-8. Each drill is comes with an easy to follow video as well as a short explanation of what the drill will accomplish.

Coach Steve Nicollerat, founder of, has used these drills as a successful high school baseball coach and to run his youth summer camps for almost 40 years! He has developed a system of teaching baseball which emphasizes fundamentals and positive development, both athletically and personally.

Often a simple practice is a catching warm up, a few infield drills, and then hitting. In reality, A great practice is structured, organized and utilizes specific drills to improve plays and skills for every position. A well run practice utilizing position-specific drills can help prepare your kids for in-game situations, from infielders fielding poor throws from other players, dealing with the in-between hop, outfielders finding spots to make catches, catchers improving agility and more.

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Corner Infield (1B and 3B) Drills

FREE Corner Infield (1B and 3B) Drills!

Poor ThrowsLearn what to do for an errant throw to first.

Flip Drill: This Drill teaches the correct way for a 1st baseman to flip the ball to a covering pitcher.

Ball Hit throw 1BThis drill shows a 3rd baseman field a hit to their left and throwing to first base. Catching Fly BallsThis demonstrates how a third baseman should catch a fly ball running into foul territory.

Corner Infield Membership Drills

1B Infielder Drills

1 Agilities: No ball

2 Agility w/Ball

3 Poor Throws

4 Run Down Reaction/Pickoffs

5 Picks/Catching in Dirt

6 Cuts/Cutfootwork

7 DP Lead Throws

8 Flip Drill

9 Missed bunt

10 Reaction to Bunt Drills

11 Getting Off Bag

12 Practice drills

3B Infielder Drills

​1 Backhanded Plays

​2 Catching Fly Balls

​3 Position with man on 2nd

​4 Cut Drill

​5 Run Down Reaction

​6 Ball Hit to throw 1B

​7 Ball Hit to throw to 2B

​8 Off Balance

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20 fundamental, progressive video drills to develop first base and third base. 

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