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Baseball Drills

  • Base Running
  • general Infield
  • Middle infield (2B + SS)
  • Corner infield  (1B + 3B)
  • Catcher
  • Outfield
  • Youth (4U - 8U)
  • Hitting
  • Team Throw/Receive

Start Baseball Right! Youth Baseball Drills
(Designed for Ages 4U - 8U)

Base Running Drills

1. The Lead Off
2. Back to Bag
3. Lead After Part 1
4. Lead After Part 2
5. Baserunning - Put a Pitcher Out There
6. Stealing a Base
7. Stealing a Base - Step and React
8. Run Throughs Part 1
9. Run Throughs Part 2
10. Run Throughs Part 3
11. Run Throughs Part 4

Throwing and Receiving Drills

1. Throwing No Ball
2. Throwing With Ball
3. Throwing With Each Other
4. Throwing Long Toss

1. Receiving Ball No Glove
2. Receiving Ball With Glove
3. Receiving Catch and Cover

Team Throwing and Receiving Drills

1. Around the Horn: Phase 1 - ball goes from home to 3rd to 2nd to 1st and back home. Players should flow to ball catching ball in front of their body. The feet of the throwing player are already lined up to make the next throw. However, when you reverse the throws the players must work to get their feet around to allow them to throw.

2. Line Drill: Players on outside bring glove foot to ball. Players on the inside take the meat hand foot to ball and block foot.

3. Playing Catch for a Purpose: Demonstrates how to play catch by position (pitcher, middle infielder, catcher, 1b and outfielder).

4. Rapid Fire Drill: This drill is really a quick transfer drill. The player catching the ball will catch ball with glove foot forward, gain ground, throw ball and circle back to the line.

5. Ready, Break, Throw with Ball: This drill show’s how to teach young players how to throw a ball. They are placed with their feet in the proper position and then go thru some basic throwing movements (ready, break, throw).

6. Ready, Break, Throw with Each Other: This is the ready, break, throw drill with players throwing to each other and coach calling. Pay attention to player catching the ball and watch how he moves to the ball.

7. Receiving: This drill will teach young players how to catch a ball. Players learn how to move their feet as well as how to turn and position their gloves.

8. V-Drill: This drill is a variation of the Rapid Fire Drill in V-Formation. Switch the players every 30 or 40 seconds. Don’t let this drill drag.

Infield Drills

1. Ready
2. Ready Crossover
3. Ready, Approach, Triangle
4. The Infielder Approach
5. Approach to Triangle
6. Soft Hands
7. Charge Ball Using Cones
8. Throwing From SS Back Hand
9. Throwing From 3B
10. Circle Drill
11. How 1B Stands on First Base
12. First Base Drill No Ball
13. First Base Drill With Ball

Outfield Drills

1. OF Drop and Cross
2. OF Drop, Cross, Run
3. Drop, Cross, With Ball
4. Drop, Cross, With Fungo
5. One Knee Tough Ground Balls
6. Charging the Ball and Breaking Down (No Ball and With Ball)
7. Circle Up Fly Balls

Hitting Drills

1. Hinge
2. Hinge and Dip
3. Hitting Stance
4. Counter Rotate
5. The Approach
6. Swing

Work Individually

Type of Bat to Use

Team Base Running Drills

1. 1st to 3rd Part 1
2. 1st to 3rd Part 2
3. 1st to 3rd Part 3

Pitcher Fielding Practice (PFP) Drills

1. PFP Cover First Base No Ball
2. PFP Cover First Base With Ball
3. PFP Cover First Base Delayed Ball
4. PFP RH Fielding Bunt
5. PFP LH Fielding Bunt 1B Line
6. PFP Run Ball Over

Baseball Games

First to Third Game
Ground Ball to Second
Outfield Throwing Home
Pitcher Covering First Base

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Baseball Drills!

We are happy to provide many of our massive library of baseball drills for free to visiting users. Most of these drills are appropriate for all ages groups, however we also have several drills specifically targeted for ages 5-8. Each drill is comes with an easy to follow video as well as a short explanation of what the drill will accomplish.

Coach Steve Nicollerat, founder of Coach Baseball Right, has used these drills as a successful high school baseball coach and to run his youth summer camps for almost 40 years! He has developed a system of teaching baseball which emphasizes fundamentals and positive development, both athletically and personally.

Often a simple practice is a catching warm up, a few infield drills, and then hitting. In reality, A great practice is structured, organized and utilizes specific drills to improve plays and skills for every position. A well run practice utilizing position-specific drills can help prepare your kids for in-game situations, from infielders fielding poor throws from other players, dealing with the in-between hop, outfielders finding spots to make catches, catchers improving agility and more.

Click on the Position Category below - Check out the Free Drills!

  • Base Running
  • Infield
  • Middle  (2b + SS)
  • Corner  (1B + 3B)
  • Catcher
  • Outfield
  • Youth (4U - 8U)
  • Hitting
  • Throwing/Receiving