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Baseball Pitch Recognition App
Learn how to identify pitches and become a better hitter from any device  

Coach Baseball Right and GameSense Sports 

Here at Coach Baseball Right, we are constantly looking for phenomenal baseball products that help coach baseball the right way! We have worked with gameSense Sports for quite sometime and think that their Baseball Pitch Recognition App fits our criteria to team up with them in an affiliate relationship.  

In order to become a great hitter, we teach both players and coaches  that not only do you need good mechanics, but you also need to be able to recognize what the pitcher is throwing and where the ball will go. That is what makes gameSense Sports' product a no brainer for our coaches and hitters. 

Super Easy to Use and Get Rewards... Take a look! 

Here's How it Works:

  • 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week you'll get 1,000 pitches from top-grade professional, college, and travel pitchers!
  • Every pitch you'll decide: Fastball or Curve? Ball or Strike? Until you don't think about it!
  • gameSense will track your progress and rank you against other players!
  • Improve your pitch recognition and increase quality at-bats, on-base %, and ultimately runs!
  • Exclusive Coach Baseball Right Bonus Discount Code!
  • Access on iOS app or online from laptop or tablet.

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Baseball Pitch Recognition Software App
Baseball Pitch Recognition Software App

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Free for April, after that GameSense Sports has given us an exclusive discount code for our community of coaches, parents, and players! Begin by choosing an option above!

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About Coach Baseball Right's founder, Steve Nicollerat: 

As the founder of Coach Baseball Right and National Certified Epstein Master hitting instructor Steve has 15 years of experience as a personal instructor. The one question he always comes back to is "why don't today's younger hitters try to emulate/mimic the best hitters?" With this app, you'll start recognizing pitches the best players already know and be on your way to improving your hitting one pitch at a time.