Betsy's Day a the Game

Do you want to learn the lost art of keeping score at a baseball game? Add to it a tender twist by keeping a   journal of your family in the margin so you can see it through the lens of baseball. This Mom’s Choice (gold) Award-winning book with a Disney illustrator was called “(a)n entertaining story…” by Penny Marshall.

A reading curriculum, available for free off Greg’s website, meets several of the Common Core Standards for children’s literature and is in use in classrooms across the country. Elder care groups love the healthy interaction between Betsy and her grandfather as they enjoy their day at the game. Early reader. 

Swing For the Fences

What happens when you saturate a child in Little League Affirmation? They hear “atta boy,” “atta girl,” “you’ve got this” time and again. You get a confident, capable, competent young person who is able to face challenges with courage and aplomb. They contribute to any team as productive members of society. Saturating that child in Little League Affirmation is simple and easy. Like flossing teeth, anyone can do it and it takes very little skill. The tricky part is consistency. This award-winning book strengthens your consistency.

With insightful, often witty, short chapters, people focus on aspects of the game of baseball (and ultimately, the game of life) with topics such as hope, persistence, flexibility, failure, accountability, and more. 

“Swing” can serve as a study guide for teams or groups, using the section at the end of each chapter, “In the Batter’s Box,” to generate discussion. Special pricing for teams wanting a fund-raising alternative that does not require refrigeration can take advantage of attractive margins right off Greg’s website
under the “Fundraising” tab.