A Call for an Alternative and New Tee Ball Game


Tee ball is killing baseball. It is contributing to the decline of baseball participation. There are a ton of kids that are bored with tee ball and they stop playing baseball without ever getting to the exciting parts. There needs to be a call for an Alternative and New Tee Ball Game that focuses on engaging the young kids, developing fundamentals, and introducing the really fun parts of baseball.

But the major problem is where does a team or league turn to for an alternative and new tee ball game? What does it look like? What needs to be done to implement it?

"Tee Ball is Killing #baseball. We have a plan - Start Baseball Right"

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At Coach Baseball Right, we created a way forward to help leagues and organizations create an alternative and new tee ball game. We call it Start Baseball Right.

Ideas to Consider...

  • Teams need to be smaller
  • Coaches need parent help each practice.
  • Coaches must teach and not manage the time. We will be writing a blog about what that means later on.

Take a look at our other resources regarding how we suggest improving the tee ball experience and ultimately how we can get greater participation and retention in baseball with Start Baseball Right.

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