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One of the biggest oversights in practice is base running. A lot of players we talk to say they are only taught to follow the steal sign and to "go halfway." These videos illustrate what is possible in base running when you coach baseball the right way!

Don't expect your kids to be able to execute at this level right away, it will take time. The good news is that you have access to some great base running resources.

What did you learn in Base Running?

Help your kids with a question like this - what did you learn in base running? Steve Nicollerat uses this as a way to reinforce what kids learned.

What is possible in practice?

In this video, you will see older varsity type players working on executing a delayed steal, a walk in from first, a lead after when a player doesn't get the jump. They were able to do this due to the progressive nature of our drills.

Practice Setup

How do we set up base running in practice? How do you execute these drills?

First, we always create a practice template where we break down each practice into segments to focus on specific areas of the game, like base running.​

The videos below should give a general idea of how our drills look like at indoor and outdoor baseball practices both the youth and advanced levels. 

Simple Lead off and Get Back

Reading Pitcher

Fun Game and Break Down

Breaking Down and Reading Coach

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