Coaching Academy: Building Parent Relationships

After about 40 years of coaching baseball at all levels, all the baseball drills I used and all of the practice templates I have created, I have learned some valuable things about how to run a baseball team.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I can give you is to build a healthy and proactive relationship with parents whose kids are on my team. Building parent relationships should be a top priority for you as you start your season. In fact, in our Coaching Roadmap we assist Members with building parent relationships with a step by step guide on how to do that. Below is a culmination of the best ways we have used in building parent relationships.

Team Expectations

We made it very easy for you to figure out what to expect from your players and parents. Watch these videos on what to expect from your players, your parents and team commitment.

You should share these videos with your parents so they will be on the same page.

These videos will help you and your parents set a standard that will help you throughout the season. Use the video messages as a way to reiterate to your team throughout the season.

What Should Parent Expectations Be for their Kids?

What Does Commitment Mean?

How Should Parents Handle Poor Calls?

The car ride home with your child (after a tough game)

What Do Sports Offer Your Kids?

Why Should You be an Educated Consumer in Baseball Instruction?

How Should Parents Handle their Child NOT Making a Baseball Team?

What Should Parents Do With Their Kids for Baseball?

Team Communication

Team Communication is an absolute MUST for a successful and stress free season. After 35+ years of coaching, take it from us and use the resources below to your advantage in helping build a great and healthy team culture for your season and the seasons to follow.

“Pre-Season” Parent Letter

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