Fun Games for Baseball Practice

Fun games for Baseball Practice

Over the 35+ years of coaching baseball, all the baseball drills I used and all of the practice templates I have created, as well as camps and coaching different levels and ages of kids, I have learned some valuable things about how to run a baseball team.

I want my players to smile and have fun!

But at the same time, I still want to emphasize learning and practicing fundamentals that they use in practice that are based in our baseball drills.

So below are some "MUST DOs" and some fun games for baseball practice.

Fun Games "MUST DOs"

  1. Fun games MUST always incorporate fundamental drill techniques. Otherwise it is a waste of time for players and the coaches.
  2. Coaches should change their expectations slightly on a player by player basis depending on skill and ability.
  3. The younger the team, the more games there MUST be at practice (but make sure #1 is met).
  4. For older kids (13 years old +), incorporate games before and/or after the scheduled baseball drills - Kids are never too old for games! Just modify the priority of it in practice.
  5. Coaches should change out fun games each practice to keep kids engaged and practice different.

Hockey Game

One of our players all time favorite game and its great for…

  • Any position (Catcher, Infielder, Outfielder, even Pitchers!)
  • Any age group (Increase the distance and/or intensity based on the level of each player, team)
  • Easy to set up with minimum equipment needed
  • Easy to play in a gym, on a field, or the backyard

Click the link to see how to run Hockey Game.

Relay Race Game

A great idea for younger baseball teams.

The key to this Relay Race Game is to make sure the coach incorporated proper base running fundamentals from our Base Running Drills such as: proper leadoff, straight stealing technique, walking lead steal, or delay steal technique, leadafter, etc…

Click the link to see how to setup the Relay Race Game

"Beat the Staff" Rundown

Absolutely a blast for players and for the coaches, as well!

Click the link to see how to setup the "Beat the Staff" Rundown game.

1st to 3rd Base Running Game

The kids love this, especially because they can slide into third!!!

Our ol' standby fun game for practice.

Click the link to see how to setup 1st to 3rd Base Running Game.

Outfield Throwing Game

This builds off of our 1st to 3rd Base Running Game, but instead of coaches as the fielders, we have the players throwing, running, and catching. So we try to get everyone involved and not standing around.

Again make sure you are still enforcing good fundamentals.

Click the link to see how to setup the Outfield Throwing Game.

"PIG" Game

Perfect for younger players!

A classic game to teach fundamentals and to get players of all skill levels involved!

Click the link to see how to setup PIG Game.

Ground Ball Game

This is REALLY FUN game for younger players, as you see in the brief video.

Click the link to see how to setup the Ground Ball Game.

Pitcher Covering First Game

This FUN game helps players practice the route they should take to cover first base on an infield ground ball when they are pitching. 

Click the link to see how to setup the Pitcher Covering First Game.

Hit the Hat Game

The ultimate accuracy and throwing technique game for youth players.

Click the link to see how to setup the Hit the Hat Game.

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