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One of the hardest things to do in baseball! Actually, some may argue in all of sports! Great hitter's succeed 3 out of 10 times. The best high school and collegiate hitters are successful about 4 times out of ten! Those odds are not great. To complicate things even more hitting is even harder to coach.

With limited time and resources, a lot of coaches and organizations I talk to teach what they were taught years ago! My hope is that Coach Baseball Right can be a great resource and assist you, your team, and your organization. 

National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor

For the past 20 years, as a coach and educator, I have immersed myself in education and instruction in the following ways: as a private instructor, hosted national clinics, and presented at organizations throughout the U.S., and lastly earning the title as only 1 of 6 Nationally Certified Epstein Master Hitting Instructors. That being said, I am constantly learning how to be a better teacher and coach. 

Below are just a few things I created to help you get started in thinking and learning about hitting. We didn't want to throw everything we have at you, but what you see below are some really high quality resources. Please share them with anyone you see fit.

And of course, we always love feedback, so please let us know if we're missing something.

3 Principles

Every coach and parent needs to know and expect these principles out of their hitters regardless of age or skill level. 

  1. Plane the Pitch
  2. Hips Lead the Hands
  3. Hands stay Inside the Ball

Common Hitting Flaws

There are some common flaws every hitter battles. The video below explains the 5 common flaws you will see. To correct these flaws is not necessarily easy. It takes knowledge, progressive drills, and consistent work.

Hitting Annotations

Technology makes understanding hitting so much easier. Hitting annotations are becoming very wide-spread among all ages and levels. Below is a hitting annotation that Steve created. Check out our blog post,  if you're not sure what is a hitting annotation. In this video you will start to see how technology and film can help you understand some of the fundamentals of the swing.

Free Hitting Basics Guide

Free Hitting Basics Guide

One of the easiest ways to be successful with your hitters and parents is to make sure you are using clear and consistent language and concepts when teaching and coaching.

To help you learn some consistent language, be sure to get out our Free Hitting Basics Guide. Get it delivered to your inbox here.

Free Hitting Drills

Free Hitting Drills

Checkout these Free Hitting Drills as a way to get you started on understanding what and how to teach your players. Get them delivered straight to your inbox here.

Using Progressive Hitting Drills vs. Random Online Hitting Drills

There are a lot of coaches and parents who spend countless hours searching for drills on YouTube. How do they know if the drills they find are any good? Do the drills fit into a larger program? These are the questions we raise in our post on progressive hitting drills vs. random online hitting drills. Drills should be designed and coached to fit in a larger program, we highly recommend our most popular hitting product - our 20 day home hitting program called Swing Like a Pro.

How do we teach Hitting Drills in a Team Setting?

Hitting is most often taught individually - one on one - with an instructor. But I think we can teach some basic drills progressively throughout the season. By going through drills at practice, the coach can also help players adjust or tweak them to get the correct desired result. Below is a video of my team doing hitting drills in one of our practices. Note the structure and setup that I have them organized in. This gives me ample space to move around and make modifications to players. 

Coach Baseball Right's Hitting Camps and Seminars

Hire Coach Baseball Right to run an exclusive experience for your team and/or organization! We travel around the nation (even Canada and Australia!) helping people with hitting - learning about drills, how to implement drills, what hitters should do in their approach, etc...

Let us know how we can help you.

Here is our VIDEO: Hitting Seminar with Steve Nicollerat (October 24, 2017) to give you a look at what is possible.

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