Coaching Academy: Infield Defense

Infield Defense Characteristics

In this video, Steve Nicollerat discusses what are some important infield defense characteristics coaches should look for and what players should aspire to have regardless of their age or skill level.

Free Infield Drills

General Infield Drills

Get these free infield drills that every infielder needs to be doing during practice. Here are the drills:

  • Wake up the Feet
  • Sharp Angle Cut
  • Circle Backs
  • Get these free drills here.

    Corner Infield Drills

    Take advantage of these third base and first base drills. These are free drills that are specific to these corner infield positions. Here are the drills: 

  • Poor Throws
  • Ball Hit Throw to 1B
  • Flip Drill
  • Catching Fly Balls at 3B
  • Get these free drills here.

    Middle Infield Drills

    Here are some free middle infield drills to help shortstops and second basemen. Help give your players some structure and things to work on that builds fundamentals. Here are the drills you will receive: 

  • In-Between Hop
  • Shortstop Feed (Far Left)
  • Rundown Reaction
  • 2B Feed (Far Right)
  • Get these free drills here.

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