Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics

Coach Baseball Right hosts Coaching Clinics all over North America. Our online and in-person clinics help coaches and parents better understand how to coach a baseball team at any level. It also helps organizations in our organizational program to deliver a more consistent message while providing their coaches with essential coaching tools.

Coach Baseball Right's Coaches Clinic (Entire Video)

Practice Template Organization

  • Base Running: Individual workouts and drills
  • Playing Catch: What works and what doesn't
  • Drill work by Defensive Position: Catcher, Infielders (1B, 2B, SS, 3B), Outfield
  • Team Defense: Cuts and Relays, Rundowns, Bunt Defense
  • Team Base Running: 1st to 3rd, 2nd to Home, Scenarios (flyballs, groundballs in infield, etc...)

 Hitting Discussion

  • Linear vs Rotational (nothing wrong with either one)
  • Common Myths that you need to know about!

Pitching Discussion

  • Mechanics are needed but do kids really know what pitching is?
  • Pitching vs. Throwing
  • Do your kids know what good pitchers do?
  • How to throw a bullpen to get better?
  • What is pitching backwards?
  • Velocity, location, change speeds, movement: Which one is least important?

Coaching Thoughts

  • How much is too much?
  • Games vs. Practice
  • One sport vs multi-sport athletes
  • Communication and expectations of parents and players: Tell them why you coach!
  • Playing multiple positions
  • Expect something out of the kids: Hustle, wear the uniform right, introduce next level drills to keep the engaged and coming back!
  • What can you teach them when you win? loose? get a bad call?
  • Umpire and Poor Calls: how to teach and help and when to teach/help
  • Your Fans: How to keep them under control?
  • Change your mind? Tell the kid first.

Coach Baseball Right's Hitting Clinic (Entire Video)

The Two Kinds of Hitting Techniques

  • Rotational and Linear Hitting
  • Both are good!
  • Hitting Basics
  • Linear vs. Rotational

Style vs Technique

  • Style is a personal preference
  • The younger the player, the style should be simplified

Historical Analysis of the Swing

  • Both have been used through history
  • Who were the coaches?
  • Temporary shift in swings due to playing surfaces (i.e. astro turf)
  • Aluminum bats
  • Shift back to -3
  • What type of bat to practice hitting mechanics?

Why are there only a few young players have a swing that looks like the ones we see on TV

  • Access to quality instruction
  • Hitting is hotly debated
  • People hold on to what they were taught
  • Instruction needs to have video analysis

What Are We Really Seeing? A look at Pictures, Videos

  • Hitting Basics
  • 3 concepts of hitting
  • What does it mean to "get your hips" in the swing?
  • Where does power come from?

Should the Front Leg be Locked at Contact?

  • Key element to video analysis
  • Split second locking

Common hitting cues - Baseball Hitting Half-Truths

  • Do hitters really "squish the bug"?
  • Do hitters really “swing down”?
  • Keep your back elbow up?
  • Keep the shoulders level?

Impact of Sports Center, Internet, and video technology

  • We know the intricacies about hitting more now
  • Pushes hitting instruction to be better
  • Young players now have access to what their swing should look like

What comes after mechanics?

  • In and out - up and down
  • Use of tee and front toss
  • How to take batting practice
  • Little Leaguers
  • How do the 13 year olds take batting practice?

What is an "approach" at the plate?

  • Every hitter needs an approach at the plate
  • The approach changes when the count changes
  • Hitting practice needs to incorporate hitting approaches

What is the best way to teach the swing?

  • Individual Hitting Instruction vs. Team Hitting Instruction

What can we do with a 5 year old?

What should educated consumers look for in baseball instruction?

After studying and teaching hitting hundreds of hitting clients, I wanted to pass on to you some questions you MUST ask before you spend good money to hire a hitting instructor for your child.

  • Parents need to really think about the instruction they are spending good money for their kids
  • Do you use video and computer analysis in the teaching process?
  • Is the instruction done in a group or individual?
  • What are the 3 or 4 simple core concepts that you teach?
  • Is there a difference between style and technique?
  • Where does the power in the swing come from?

What It Takes to be a Good Hitter?

  • Desire
  • Knowledge
  • Motivation

What questions should you ask before you hire a hitting instructor?

And many more topics...

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