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Below you’ll find a few different options for getting in touch with me and Coach Baseball Right. Here’s how to best use them:

Organization and League Administrator Support

Coach Baseball Right offers Organization and League Board Consulting to help baseball organization/league boards and decision-makers on a variety of issues.

  • Program Identity
  • Retention Strategies
  • Revenue Strategies
  • New and Alternative Tee Ball Program: Start Baseball Right!
  • Common Coaching Curriculum

With over 40 years in education and coaching baseball at all levels, we can share our experience and expertise as a way to support and guide organizations to develop and provide a better program to those whom they serve. Learn More

Organization and League Certification

Get everyone in your organization and/or league on the same page and using the same coaching and parent resources. All coaches and parents will have access to the most comprehensive baseball coaching resource on the market at a fraction of the cost with our Organization and League Certification

Start Baseball Right: A New and Engaging Alternative Tee Ball Experience

We have created Start Baseball Right: The Alternative Tee Ball Game to help kids and parent-coaches make their introductory experience with baseball more fun and engaging. The problem is that to most people who don't know baseball well, all they see is a bunch of standing around and it can appear slow at times. Learn More

Coaching Videos

We offer free Coaching Resources for Leagues and Organizations. Why? Many organization/league websites have sections called "Coaches Corner" or "Coaching Resources," but most of the content they have are outdated and minimal.

Or many baseball organizations don't have a section to help their coaches. The baseball organization's intent is very good! Since their coaches are going to their websites for updates to games, contact, and registration, etc... Why not provide great valuable coaching information like drills and coaching tips? Learn More

Coach Baseball Right Coaching Clinic

Coach Baseball Right co-hosts a complete Organizational Baseball Clinic Experience with your Organization or League by providing your coaches with a different model that is a complete experience in every way! What better way to get coach buy in than to host one of these Clinic Experiences! Learn More

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