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Start using this Guide to learn and establish hitting concepts with your players today!

Free Hitting Basics Guide

Hitting Basics Guide

Our MOST Comprehensive Guide on hitting basics for youth players! This Guide covers every hitting concept you'll need to know and teach to your youth players.

*We're sharing one of our best resources now so that you can see what type of resources you'll get when you sign up for a Free Account or Pro Member.

Youth Practice Template

Our Youth Practice Template is the basic building block for every team. Use this template, tweak it to make your own.

Common Hitting Flaws Guide

Along with good hitting basics, every coach, parent, and of course hitter should know the common hitting flaws that plague hitters.

Hitting Drills

6 Basic hitting drills designed to help combat common hitting flaws.

Hitting Instructor Checklist

Here is a checklist we created to help coaches and families pick and evaluate quality hitting instruction - which can be quite $$$

How to Win a Game Guide

Every coach and player needs to know these four principles on how to win a game.

Pitching Basics Guide

Use this guide to establish basic pitching advice on your team or for you child.

Academy Library

Our Academy is a video library designed to elevate understanding and knowledge across many different areas of youth sport and coaching across the organization

Team Defense Tutorials

Cuts and Relays, rundowns, bunt defenses can be very confusing. Our tutorials are designed to help coaches and players understand these team defenses so they can execute them in practice and games.

7 Phase Pre-Game Setup Guide

This guide provides a excellent instructions on how to run a meaningful and intense pre-game. A lot of coaches use this pre-game to set the tone for the game. 

Start Baseball Right Guide

T-Ball needs to go. Replace your youth program with this fun and engaging developmental program.

Parent Letter Template

A very straightforward letter template you and your coaches can use to communicate parent expectations.

Coaching Clinic Archives

We host clinics all over the North America. Here is a collection of a few of them and some helpful information you can use for your organization.

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