Game Changer Parent’s Guide Give-a-way!

GameChanger: The Baseball Parent’s Ultimate Guide is a unique work created by baseball trainer Michael McCree to communicate the best ways baseball parents can raise and guide their aspiring ball players. This book is designed to help parents realize that they can acquire the knowledge it takes to make a meaningful impact in the ongoing development of their youth baseball player (ages 5-13), regardless of prior understanding of the game. The information presented in GameChanger: The Baseball Parent’s Ultimate Guide will transform the way parents think about issues pertaining to youth baseball. The subject matter, written by a former collegiate baseball player with over 20 years of playing and private training experience, includes topics like character building, managing expectations, overcoming slumps, dealing with injuries, and teaching the mental aspect of baseball.

Rules: Must sign up with email to receive notification of winning. Must ‘like’ Coach Baseball Right Facebook Page. One entry per person. Winner announced on May 15, 2016.