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The Ultimate Baseball Organization and League Development Guide

A comprehensive online guide every administrator and board member should have to help them lead and develop their organization and league.

The Ultimate Baseball Organization and League Development Guide

We created this online guide to help organization and league administrators and board members develop their kids through baseball, transform their baseball program, and to help establish themselves as leaders in their community.


This online guide is a product of our 40+ years of experience and work with baseball and softball organizations and leagues. We've worked with organizations and leagues to help them develop kids and their programs. Through these relationships and our own research, we've structured this online guide into the following three sections:

  1. Coach Development and Support
  2. Player Development and Support
  3. Parent Communication and Support

Within each section, we've provided realistic and helpful recommended action steps that you as the administrator or board member can easily implement in your organization and league. Take a look!

Coach Development and Support

Develop and support your coaches so that they are empowered with resources, tips, and strategies to be great role models and teachers who can better help their players develop personally and athletically.

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Player Development and Support

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Develop and support your players with resources, tips, and strategies that are designed to help them grow and develop personally and athletically.

Parent Communication and Support

One of the biggest concerns organizations and leagues have is how to better parent communication and support. Providing resources, tips, and strategies are essential for every administrator, board member, and coach.

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Coach Baseball Right

The Ultimate Baseball Organization and League Development Guide

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About Steve Nicollerat and Coach Baseball Right

Steve Nicollerat

Steve Nicollerat

Educator, Coach, National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor,

Founder of Coach Baseball Right

With about 40 years of coaching varsity baseball at St. Louis University High School, running his Youth Baseball Camp for almost 30 years, and many more years playing, including collegiate ball at St. Louis University, Steve has developed a system of teaching baseball which emphasizes fundamentals and positive development, both athletically and personally.

Furthermore, Steve’s experience officiating NCAA basketball has provided his players and parents perspectives in approaching competition and sport that only few can provide.

  • 40 years as Varsity Head Coach at St. Louis University High School
  • 30 years of running Youth Baseball Camps
  • Former NCAA D-1 Men's Basketball Referee
  • Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association Hall of Fame Member
  • Bob Broeg Award Winner - Most Influential Coach
  • Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • Missouri Umpire Coach of the Year Award
  • 1 of only 6 National Epstein Certified Master Hitting Instructors
  • 600+ wins (3rd overall in Missouri)

Coach Baseball Right is Different

Coach Baseball Right is different because of our comprehensive resources, support, and commitment to help your organization develop kids through baseball.

We are committed to teaching credible baseball resources to organizations, coaches, and parents. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! Let's begin together.

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