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Two Special Thank You Bonuses!

We greatly appreciate you booking one of our GMB Tournaments thats why we wanted to give you a really awesome thank you.

At GMB, we strive to be unique in everything we do for our teams while providing the most possible value for you. So we are super pumped that we've partnered with Coach Baseball Right to help deliver some high-quality resources to you!

Founded by Steve Nicollerat, Coach Baseball Right is the premier one-stop online resource for coaches, parents, and organizations looking to transform their kids' development and experience through high quality hitting instruction, progressive drills, foundational coaching guides, pre-made practice templates, and much, much more!

Here are your GMB and Coach Baseball Right Bonuses!

In our attempt to deliver great value to you, we wanted to give you complete and free lifetime access to Coach Baseball Right's most popular product - Swing Like a Pro!

Swing Like a Pro: A 20 Day Hitting Program for Home is a step by step online framework for parents and coaches to help kids develop and maintain swings that mimic more closely what the best hitters in the world swings look like.

In this online training program, National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor and Coach Baseball Right founder Steve Nicollerat will take you in-depth with hours of video, images and content. With this program, you'll be able to:

  • Analyze your player’s swings and help them become more aware of the mistakes they are making
  • Drastically improve their technique and help them develop swings that look like those of the best hitters in the world
  • Set up and run professional-like hitting practices that teach the kids how to hit the ball harder and be more consistent at the plate

Here is a quick video message from National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor and Coach Baseball Right founder Steve Nicollerat on hitting and Swing Like a Pro.

Just think about this for a bit... a private hitting session with instructors will cost more than $60 per session!!! If you were to buy this program on Coach Baseball Right, it would cost you $19. 

But just because you booked a GMB Tournament, we're giving you this top of the line, high quality hitting product for FREE! Thank you for booking with GMB Tournaments!

*To claim your bonus, click the button above and sign up. Your login information to access the online program Swing Like a Pro will be emailed to your inbox in minutes!

Extra GMB Bonus for you!

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