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At GMB Tournaments, we strive to be unique in everything we do for our teams in addition by providing the most possible value. ‚ÄčSo we are super pumped that we've partnered with Coach Baseball Right to help deliver some high-quality hitting resources to you and your team - just for choosing us. Thank you. Claim your first thank you gift below!

Coach Baseball Right's
Hitting Basics Guide

Hitting is the hardest thing to do in baseball, even great hitter's fail 7 out of 10 times. It's even harder to coach and help players to do it right. This guide was written solely on hitting basics so that you can establish common language and concepts regarding hitting to help your players and even parents understand and begin to execute a consistent hitting philosophy.

  • Learn the 3 steps to the perfect swing: Plane the pitch, hips lead the hands, and hands stay inside the ball.
  • Learn the difference between linear and rotational hitting (and why it's important).
  • The 3 must-know terms for rotational hitting: Torque, Long Three or Contact, and The Finish.

Before you Download...

We can help your players improve their swing. From home! In the next couple of days, look for an email that talks about our most popular online product for parents and coaches. Its called Swing Like a Pro: A 20 Day Hitting Program for Home.

This program provides a step by step framework for parents and coaches to help kids develop and maintain swings that mimic more closely what the best hitters in the world swings look like. The online training program goes in-depth with hours of video, images and content to help you: 

  • Analyze your Players Swing
  • Drastically Improve their Technique
  • Teach kids on how to hit the ball harder more consistently!

Stay tuned! And look for our emails for Swing Like a Pro!

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About Coach Baseball Right and Steve Nicollerat: 

Founded by Steve Nicollerat, Coach Baseball Right is the premier one-stop online resource for coaches, parents, and organizations looking to transform their kids' development and experience through high quality hitting instruction, progressive drills, foundational coaching guides, pre-made practice templates, and much, much more!

As a National Certified Epstein Master hitting instructor Steve has 15 years of experience as a personal instructor. The one question he always comes back to is "why don't today's younger hitters try to emulate/mimic the best hitters?" In this guide, we start with the 3 basics everyone (coach, dad, player) needs to know what the best players already know.