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Nationally Certified Master Epstein Hitting Instructor and Coach Baseball Right's Founder Steve Nicollerat's Hitting Resources!

Coach Baseball Right Free Hitting Basics Guide

Free Hitting Basics Guide

This Guide is the BEST place to start for hitting. Hundreds of coaches have downloaded this guide, so that they can better learn and then teach hitting! Get it today - FREE!

Coach Baseball Right Swinging Like a Pro

Swinging Like a Pro: Home Hitting Program

One of our most popular products! Our home hitting program helps any age, any level player develop and maintain their swings with a step by step approach.

Coach Baseball Right Hitting Annotation

Hitting Annotation: Have your Swing Analyzed

Want a professional to analyze your swing online? This is your best place to do that. Get an in-depth analysis with specific ways to continue to develop your swing.

With these Coach Baseball Right Hitting Resources, you will receive...

  • A Complete System for Hitters and Coaches from Start to Finish
  • Up to date Terminology and Instruction
  • Value Driven Pricing
  • Support Network and Community 
  • Instruction from Nationally Certified Master Epstein Hitting Instructor and Career Educator!