A Simple, Consistent & Focused Player Development Curriculum Made for Youth Baseball Coaches

“This Complete All-In-One Resource Will Give You Everything You Need to Become a Better Coach & Bring Out the Absolute Best in Your Players!”

Introducing Coach Baseball Right’s

An Exclusive Platform That Provides 300+ Progressive Video Drills (By Position),
Step-by-Step Tutorials, Pre-Made Practice Templates, Hitting Program, Coaching Guides, and More That
Have Been Specifically Created for Today’s Youth Baseball Coaches

Solomon Alexander

Director, St. Louis Sports Commission Foundation

Coach Baseball Right is the perfect program for all youths learning to play the game and for those coaches and kids looking to fundamentally improve their skills.

As a former player and coach at the Division 1 level, I have first hand seen the importance of getting better every single practice and not wasting a single drill to think you cannot get better. Coach Nicollerat and staff have a successful, fun way to ensure your practices will translate to on field success for years to come.

David Miller

All-American 2nd Baseman, Purdue University 

Brian Howard

MLB Pitcher in Oakland Athletics Organization

Too often we see coaches and instructors using the same old techniques for teaching the game and they do it that way simply because that’s the way it has always been done. It’s how they learned and they just pass it on down to the next generation. Coach Baseball Right's new methods help focus on specific areas of the game and innovative means of growth that really engage the athlete and inspire them to become active participants in their own development. It is learning, assimilating and evolving that gets people to the next level and Coach Baseball Right is the best way to get them there.

Steve Schlanger, NBC Play-by-Play Sports Announcer

NBC Sports Announcer