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Comprehensive Coaching Resources designed for everyone in Organizations, Associations, Leagues, and Clubs

Pricing for Organization Certification

Simply select the number of teams in your organization, association, league, and clubs, we'll handle the rest.

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Under 10 Teams and their Parents




$6 per player
11 to 50 Teams and their Parents




$1.60 per player
51 to 100 Teams and their Parents




$1.00 per player
Teams and their Parents

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Everyone Gets an Individual Pro Membership

Coach Baseball Right's Organization and League Certification program can address and solve all of these problems. With this Certification program, EVERYONE -- ALL your administrators, coaches, and parents -- will receive a Individual Pro Level Membership. Coach Baseball Right's Individual Pro Level Membership provides the essential and comprehensive scaffolded coaching resources to strengthen your organization and league. EVERYONE will receive the following Individual Pro Level Membership coaching resources :

Pro Level Membership
  • 300+ Drills by Position
  • 30+ Weekly Practice Templates
  • Practice Builder (Build Your Own)
  • Swing Like a Pro Hitting Program
  • Coach's Guide for the Season
  • Fun Games for Practice Guide
  • Drone Video Pre-Game Guide
  • How to Win a Game Guide
  • Start Baseball Right Template
  • 10+ Team Defense Tutorials
  • 40+ Academy Videos
  • Clinic and Seminar Archive
  • Invitation to Coach Group
  • Planning & Evaluation Guides
  • Parent Letter Template
  • Invitation to Leader Certification

How does the Certification work?


Administrator receives an email with step-by-step instructions on how to enroll their coaches' and parents' to receive a Pro Level Membership.


Administrator simply enrolls their coaches and parents by entering their email addresses on the administrator page and clicking submit. That's it. We handle the rest.


Pro Level Membership

We send an email to each registered Member with instructions on how to access their Pro Level Membership. 


We assist everyone with tips and strategies to best maximize your certification throughout the season. We're always available for support.

Coach Baseball Right's #1 Goal is to be the most trusted and comprehensive baseball coaching resource for organizations, coaches, and parents. So we have spent a lot of time, in fact the last 10 years, helping board members and administrators, coaches, and parents improve their kids' experiences and development. Over that time, we've noticed that organizations and leagues face five consistent problems today:

5 Consistent Problems Plaguing Baseball Organizations and Leagues

Player Retention

Kids are either leaving the sport entirely or leaving for a perceived "better" experience with another organization (i.e. "travel ball").

Player Development

Organizations and leagues leave both athletic and personal development up to a team-by-team, coach-by-coach basis with little consistency among teams.

Recruitment of Coaches

Organizations and leagues dread coach sign up days and struggle to find enough parents to fill in the gaps needed to run a successful season.

Engaged and Supportive Parents

Organizations and leagues struggle to educate and develop a parent culture that embrace sand acts through sportsmanship, development, and mission.

Coaching Resources / Curriculum

Organizations and leagues lack common and comprehensive coaching resources they can easily share with every coach and parent that scaffolds and develops a higher and more consistent playing and developmental experience.

How do we help your coaches and parents use their resources?


We will work 1 on 1 with administrators and board members to establish higher expectations and provide our Implementation Guide.


We will help coaches and parents develop a season portfolio that showcases what they used and what growth took place in the players.


We send emails and call administrators, coaches, and parents with tips, strategies, and ask questions designed to support everyone at each step.


We work with administrators and board members on a season review and survey action to help inform us on how to improve the experience for next year.

Coach Baseball Right Certified Organizations and Leagues

Eureka Athletic Association
Southwest Portland
Tigers Elite
Burlington Baseball
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Questions? Need Assistance?

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or support needs you may have. Our #1 goal is to be the most trusted and comprehensive coaching resource for you and your organization and league. For the organization and league administrators and board members, who downloaded our Organization Development Guide, you have have our direct contact information.