Organization and League Board Consulting

Coach Baseball Right offers Organization and League Board Consulting to help baseball organization/league boards and decision-makers on a variety of issues. With over 40 years in education and coaching baseball at all levels, we can share our experience and expertise as a way to support and guide organizations to develop and provide a better program to those whom they serve.

We provide organizations with valuable solutions.

Program Identity and Implementation

We help organizations and leagues discover what programing they want to do and how to implement the program. This sounds obvious, but most organizations need someone to help clarify and articulate clear goals and objectives. Here are some examples of programming:

  • Building Parent and Team Culture
  • Developing kids personally through athletics
  • Teaching the idea of Competition

Player and Coach Retention Strategies

It is a fact that kids are leaving baseball at alarming rates. In addition, parents are reluctant to volunteer as coaches. Why is this? The factors are complex. Some are even out of the control of the organizations, such as the rise of popularity of technology and social media. Yet, there are some factors the organizations can do something about, such as engaging both players and coaches with our Organizational Program.

Revenue Ideas and Strategies

If you look at the websites of baseball organizations almost all of them promote “fundraisers” or “sponsorships and advertise” to their community. These organizations and their programming rely on these revenue streams. We have worked with boards on how to bolster these revenue program while also strengthening their value to the community. Our Organizational Program is just one way we can help organization generate revenue and provide value to baseball communities.

Start Baseball Right: The Alternative Tee Ball Game

“Finally!” and “It’s about time!”

These are the two comments we hear back from baseball organizations who are told about our program Start Baseball Right: The Alternative Tee Ball Game. We help educate organizations and their boards about this program and then help them implement it program wide. Boards are excited to bring something engaging back to their youth baseball programs.

Common Coaching Curriculum

One of the biggest complaints organizations receive back from their parents is that their is a coaching discrepency between the type of coaching from team to team.

Organization and Leagues want and are looking to help their coaches coach “on the same page.” We can advise boards on our Common Coaching Curriculum and our Organizational Program. So that from introductory youth baseball all the way to high school baseball, your organization can have a common coaching curriculum.

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