Outfield Throwing Game

This builds off of our 1st to 3rd Base Running Game, but instead of coaches as the fielders, we have the players throwing, running, and catching. So we try to get everyone involved and not standing around.

Again make sure you are still enforcing good fundamentals. The player who throws must use proper mechanics: our ready, break, throw. The player fielder at third must be ready to receive the ball finger tips up and to make good lift or swipe tags.


  • Have a line of players in outfield
  • Have another line of players as the runners
  • Coaches will be both cutoff and at the base the ball is thrown towards
  • The player runner must make the proper arc before 2nd base so that they are running in a straight line from 2nd to 3rd base.
  • Score the number of outs and switch the lines after 3 outs.


Have players throw to 2nd base or to home.

Outfield Throwing Game Setup