Relay Race Game

A great idea for younger baseball teams.

The key to this Relay Race Game is to make sure the coach incorporated proper base running fundamentals from our Base Running Drills such as: proper leadoff, straight stealing technique, walking lead steal, or delay steal technique, leadafter, etc…

This is great EVEN PLAYERS CAN’T STEAL YET! Think about how excited your players will be to do some big kid stuff at practice! Remember this will help you coach them base running later on.


  • Create at least 2 lines of players. (See important note below)
  • Start each line standing on a base.
  • Make each player get the proper lead off based on our Base Running Baseball Drills.
  • Then based on what kind of Base Running technique the coach wants to practice have the player do that before they start running.
  • As soon as the player starts running, have the next player in line do the same thing. They should start running when the player before them comes back.
  • Have them run to and around a cone or another base.
  • When they come back to the base they started, the next runner will go.

Important Recommendation: 

For more engagement and excitement break each line into a smaller number of kids. Try to avoid lines larger than 5 per line. Too much standing around.

Relay Race Setup