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Swing Like a Pro

Looking to Improve Your Player's Swing?

Watch the video below and see how we can help develop strong and consistent swings for your player.

Here's what you'll get in Swing Like a Pro and more for the year:

  • 20 Day Hitting Program you can do at practice, home, or indoor facility
  • Scaffolded and Comprehensive Hitting Instruction each day 
  • Know the "why" behind each drill and how it impacts your swing
  • Monitor your own progress!
  • Direct Access to National Master Certified Hitting Instructor Steve Nicollerat for help and questions
  • Invitation to private Coaches Group  
  • Access to Coach Baseball Right Hitting Clinics and Coaching Academy
  • Access to any new updates to Swing Like a Pro throughout the year!
  • Swing Like a Pro is included in Coach Baseball Right's Pro Membership

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Swing Like a Pro

What you'll experience with a Swing Like a Pro Hitting Program...

Swing Like a Pro: Hitting Program is a 20 day step-by-step online program for coaches and parents to help their kids develop and maintain swings that mimic more closely what the best hitters in the world swings look like.

With this online training program you'll hours of video instruction and in-depth content. You'll be able to:

  • Analyze your player’s swings and help them become more aware of the mistakes they are making
  • Drastically improve their hitting technique and mechanics
  • Develop swings that look like those of the best hitters in the world
  • Set up and run professional-like hitting practices that teach the kids how to hit the ball harder and be more consistent at the plate

J.J. K.


I coach a sixth grade recreational boys baseball team in Overland Park, KS. This year, one of the kids I’ve coached for seven years simply would not stay in the box to swing the bat. He’d been hit by a pitch toward the end of the previous year and was terrified of being hit again.

He was also going through a tough time at home and at the time wanted to quit baseball. I was afraid that if he did, he would fill his time with activities that might get him into trouble. But I had no idea how to help him start swinging the bat so that he’d be able to enjoy baseball again.

When I found this resource, they immediately understood that baseball was simply the means to the end that I was trying to achieve, namely, to help this twelve year old develop into a young man who knew how to make good choices. Not only did they give me several good ideas about how to help him get over his fear of the ball, they also talked at length with me about how to help him get through this time in his life.

I put these ideas into practice and as I write this, he is over his fear of the baseball, recently got his first base hit, and is no longer talking about quitting baseball this year. He would not be where he is right now without the advice I got from here. Thanks so much to you guys for helping me to use baseball as a tool for shaping this great kid into the responsible young man I hope and think he will become.

Andy Johnson


Coach Baseball Right is the most reliable, comprehensive, and "teachable" source for baseball/softball instruction I have found producing actual game day results.

Phil M.

Coach, Baseball Academy of Big Run

Steve M.


"I was up until 2:00 a.m. going through all your site's content."

"Guys I am too excited about the content on your site. I was up until 2:00 a.m. going through all your site's content. Really great stuff, I can’t wait to start implementing. Thank you for the generosity, it shows you guys truly believe it what you do."

Mike D.


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Swing Like a Pro

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About Steve Nicollerat and Coach Baseball Right

Steve Nicollerat

Educator, Coach, National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor,

Founder of Coach Baseball Right

With about 40 years of coaching varsity baseball at St. Louis University High School, running his Youth Baseball Camp for almost 30 years, and many more years playing, including collegiate ball at St. Louis University, Steve has developed a system of teaching baseball which emphasizes fundamentals and positive development, both athletically and personally.

Furthermore, Steve’s experience officiating NCAA basketball has provided his players and parents perspectives in approaching competition and sport that only few can provide.

  • 39 years as Varsity Head Coach at St. Louis University High School
  • 29 years of running Youth Baseball Camps
  • Former NCAA D-1 Men's Basketball Referee
  • Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association Hall of Fame Member
  • 2017 Bob Broeg Award Winner - Most Influential Coach
  • Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • Missouri Umpire Coach of the Year Award
  • 1 of only 6 National Epstein Certified Master Hitting Instructors
  • 600+ wins (3rd overall in Missouri)

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