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I coach a sixth grade recreational boys baseball team in Overland Park, KS. This year, one of the kids I’ve coached for seven years simply would not stay in the box to swing the bat. He’d been hit by a pitch toward the end of the previous year and was terrified of being hit again.

He was also going through a tough time at home and at the time wanted to quit baseball. I was afraid that if he did, he would fill his time with activities that might get him into trouble. But I had no idea how to help him start swinging the bat so that he’d be able to enjoy baseball again.

When I found this resource, they immediately understood that baseball was simply the means to the end that I was trying to achieve, namely, to help this twelve year old develop into a young man who knew how to make good choices. Not only did they give me several good ideas about how to help him get over his fear of the ball, they also talked at length with me about how to help him get through this time in his life.

I put these ideas into practice and as I write this, he is over his fear of the baseball, recently got his first base hit, and is no longer talking about quitting baseball this year. He would not be where he is right now without the advice I got from here. Thanks so much to you guys for helping me to use baseball as a tool for shaping this great kid into the responsible young man I hope and think he will become.

Andy Johnson

As a coach for both 7 and 10 year old boys baseball teams, I find the drills to be a great tool in preparing an effective and fun practice…Coach Nicollerat breaks down the fundamentals of Baseball into small components, that make it easier to teach to young children. The drills are progressive, so they start with simple, basic, steps and increase in complexity as the drills progress. This is a great way to teach the game to younger players.

Another key to the drills is how they are set up to be run with multiple stations, allowing a coach to involve all of the team for a drill, keeping the kids actively participating and not just standing by and watching. Utilizing these drills increases the number of “reps” each kid receives in a practice, whether it is throwing, fielding, baserunning, or hitting. This makes our practice more effective and keeps the kidsmore actively involved.

We have found that it saves time preparing effective practices our kids truly enjoy.

Tom Grassi

[From my experience, I want to reiterate how important Coaching Baseball Right is.]  During the games when we dads are coaching (leaning on the fence, moving around, etc), when our guys perform well or make errors they immediately glance over to see our reaction. 

[For] Example, ground ball to shortstop (my son is playing shortstop), he bobbles the ball and makes a late throw and the runner is safe.  When I was younger I would have negatively reacted in the dugout and a little later yelled out some encouragement to him.   TOOOOOO LATE AND SHAME ON ME. 

When the runner was called safe he had looked at me at that instant when I was reacting negatively ……………………… so I had lost him.  Encouragement came too late because now he knows that is not my initial reaction.  

I have learned that especially when kids made a bad play, I keep my eyes on them until they look at me and I give them the boost they need to make that play the next time………………………  when I was younger I was guilty, too many coaches need to pay attention to this……… it will go a long way in that kid making that play the next time.

James A. Gardner, Jr.

-MD, Khoury League, President

Thank you Coach Nicollerat,

Your message has really inspired me for this up coming season, and the reason why we coach.

Thank you again for everything,

Kevin Pulley

-Carnahan High School

We need coaches like Steve to teach us youth coaches so that we can properly teach our young players.

Billy Clark

“Great Job! This site is awesome!

Ryan Wessels

I am new to coaching baseball, this was a lot to learn…I will take advantage of this!

Jim Walker

Thanks for everything Coach!

My son Preston has been to other baseball instructors and Epstein hitting instructors. Coach Nicollerat has his own special way of teaching that all should experience. Coach is an educator first, who is willing to share his wealth of information with those that want to learn. Preston, who is 13 has seen Coach for 4+ years and now understands how every movement of his body during the swing is related.

As important as it is that my son learn, Coach is sure that all participants are learning how the hitting, fielding and base running are really done. It lays the foundation for the parent so they can do work with their child and help move them to their next level. Repetitions of the drills are a big part of getting to the next level; we do most of those in between the times we see coach and use the analysis he provided at the previous lesson. We are able to talk the language of hitting we have learned from Coach and Preston can apply it to the swing. The statements above apply to Preston’s fielding technique as well. It takes real work to get ownership of your swing and fielding. Coach provides the framework and knowledge in the lessons.

Visit Coach at Coach Baseball Right for a lesson and watch how all the students have such a positive interaction with him. My son feels the same way they do, appreciative to have the experience!

Jeremy Salazar

Excellent balance of what to do, with why to do it! As a young coach I have many years and many kids to share your teachings. This will go a long way! Thx!

Malcom Jennings