The Ultimate Baseball Organization and League Development Guide


The primary goals of this Coach Baseball Right guide are twofold. First, this guide identifies specific problems and issues plaguing organizations across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Next, this guide recommends specific, attainable action steps to resolve those problems. These recommended action steps allow organizations to create baseball and softball programs centered around developing their players the Coach Baseball Right way – centered around developing athletes and people. The best organizations focus on this type of development and programming.

Here’s what we mean by developing players personally and athletically:

  • Practices based around developing fundamental skills.
  • Coaches and parents learning to seize the moment in developing character and skills that will benefit kids the rest of their life
  • Honing the athletic and personal skills necessary to team play and team success.

In our experience working with athletic organizations, most don’t have the resources, time, or trained staff to implement a program that focuses on the Coach Baseball Right way of developing the whole child. Everyone is trying their best. After polling our organizations and leagues and through our 40+ years of experience in baseball and youth sports, the structure of the guide follows three primary areas with guiding questions your board should ask at the next meeting.

  1. Coach Development and Support
  2. Player Development and Support
  3. Parent Communication and Support

When your organization embraces this program it will distinguish itself as a leader in your community. Coach Baseball Right has created this practical and comprehensive guide that is full of resources for you to administer to your organization. Use this Coach Baseball Right Guide to help your organization’s needs. Share it with your other administrators and board members. Talk through it. Mark it up. Adjust the recommended action steps to fit your organization’s strategy and timeline.

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The Ultimate Baseball Organization and League Development Guide