What is a Hitting Annotation?

What is a Hitting Annotation?

In this post, I discuss what is a hitting annotation. As a National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor and the founder of Coach Baseball Right Founder I'll explain why should hitters of all ages use this kind of technology of their swing analysis. Kids today have so much access to technology that literally they can film or have someone film them in any activity.   

"No matter the age of players today, technology can be used to engage and strengthen the bond with #baseball, especially hitting."

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Now hitters can film their own swings and analyze them afterwards. The problem lies in the analysis. I would argue that kids and some coaches need help in this hitting analysis. So what is a hitting annotation? I would argue, when done well, it is professional or expert analysis on your swing. 

Take a look at these two hitting annotations I have done:

The easiest way for the player (and parent) to have a hitting annotation done is online. 

Steps for Online Hitting Annotation

  • Take a video of a player swinging with your device
  • Analyze using Hitting Basics and consistent, up-to-date terminology
  • Make and work on hitting drills to make adjustments to your swing
  • After a couple of weeks or a month, take another video of the swing and repeat steps.

Want more information on getting a Hitting Annotation!

Now that you know what is a hitting annotation, learn more on how you can get an annotation done for you by National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor and Founder of Coach Baseball Right Steve Nicollerat.

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