What should be the focus of Fall Baseball?

What should be the focus of Fall Baseball

Let me start off by saying that I want kids in grade school and high school to play as many sports as they wish. I would encourage kids and parents to be a multi sport player. So, if this is your situation, keep doing it.

But, there are some players who only want to play one sport and focus on that sport. This comment is geared for you. It is now Fall and the question is this: How will you spend your Fall-playing games or training to get better?

I want to say that playing games is the answer that many people will respond with. And, I do think that you will improve, in some capacity by playing games. But, why not spend your limited time in the Fall improving on specific areas where you need improvement? Why not focus on specific movements, drills, opportunities that will benefit you in the future. Doing the same thing incorrectly over and over again, will not make you better. Spending time improving your game, improving your awareness, improving your swing is what you should be doing in the Fall.

Do you need to improve your baserunning? How about hitting behind runners, or your ability to put the ball in play more with 2 strikes? Do you need to improve your defensive skills? Do you need to turn the double play quicker? More agile around j1b? Improve you catching ability?Would you like to learn how to bunt for a hit better? Do you need to improve your overall baseball awareness? The list could go on and on. Or, will you continue to do the same thing over and over again, and hope you get better?

Parents, if you want to know what to do with your kids in the backyard, now is the time to upgrade your knowledge base. If you are going to spend time with your kids, why not make it profitable time? Coaches, if you are going to continue to coach, why not improve your skills. Now, is the time to do so.

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