What to do during Fall Ball?


A lot of parents ask me what to do during Fall Ball? Kids want to play. But the focus during fall baseball, in my opinion, should be on player development, especially in honing positional skills and hitting mechanics. I also think this is a GREAT time for coaches of all ages to push themselves and try new drills, new templates, new coaching techniques. 

"Fall baseball can be a very healthy and beneficial "off-season" by learning and doing something new or the same old way."

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Take a second and think about something. Coaches and players have just a few weeks before winter to really set a different path, a different tone. Fall baseball can be a very healthy and beneficial "off-season" by learning and doing something new or the same old way.

What to do during Fall Ball ultimately lies with the coaches, but parents can decide which coach to choose, right? So choose wisely, look for teams that are looking to develop during the fall. Choose a coach that is looking to improve their practices.

Take Away

  • Fall ball should be about player development and getting ready for the season.
  • Coaches can use this "bonus" time to experiment with new drills and practice organization.
  • Choose a team and a coach that prefers development over playing games.

Coach Baseball Right Hitting Resources

As a longtime teacher and coach, I have learned a ton from a lot of people. I am still teaching and coaching and I am still learning from others. I have created a ton of positional drills that are both progressive (builds off of each other) and fundamentally focused for development. The cool thing about them is they're super inexpensive. Go ahead, take a look, and stop worrying about what to do during fall ball!

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