Youth Baseball Organizations and Leagues Need Leadership

Youth Baseball Organizational Leaders and League Administrators...Please READ!

Youth Baseball Organizations and Leagues need leadership today more than ever. We wrote about the 5 Consistent Problems Plaguing Baseball Organizations and Leagues in our Organization and League Certification program page. Here are the problems we are seeing across the country from organizations and leagues in Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Ontario, and even Australia!

  1. Player Retention - Kids are either leaving the sport entirely or leaving for a perceived "better" experience with another organization (i.e. "travel ball")
  2. Player Development - Organizations and leagues leave both athletic and personal development up to a team-by-team, coach-by-coach basis with little consistency among teams.
  3. Recruitment of Coaches - Organizations and leagues dread coach sign up days and struggle to find enough parents to fill in the gaps needed to run a successful season.
  4. Engaged and Supportive Parents - Organizations and leagues struggle to educate and develop a parent culture that embrace sand acts through sportsmanship, development, and mission.
  5. Coaching Resources / Curriculum - Organizations and leagues lack common and comprehensive coaching resources they can easily share with every coach and parent that scaffolds and develops a higher and more consistent playing and developmental experience.

Youth Baseball Organizations and Leagues need leadership now for our kids in sports.

There are so many things our kids can get from sport and participating in team sports. These would include learning to work with others, leadership, putting the team ahead of their personal needs, empathy toward others, hard work, open to growth, sportsmanship and so much more.

These aspects fall to youth baseball organization and league administrators. So it is really essential that Youth Baseball Organizations and Leagues need leadership.

Most of the time, administrators hear "Thanks" for doing what they do.

But, in the right way, I want to suggest that some administrators might not be leading. They might be doing only what they are told to do, with no concern about making their youth baseball organization and league better. They do only enough to get by and put the program on.

There is no incentive to think outside the box to actually improve the experiences of your participants.

If you are a baseball organization and league leader, a "baseball director" or "board president" there are two very specific areas where most organizations can improve:

  1. How the game is first introduced to your kids (the dreadful tee ball program)
  2. Providing comprehensive coaching resources to your coaches and parents

Is it time to change your tee ball program?

Yes. It is time that we look into changing the way we introduce our kids to baseball/softball.

Youth baseball organizations and leagues need to provide a that better way to introduce the kids to our game. You know, one with instruction, thinking a play ahead, hustle, lots more touches, and teaching of the game in small pieces where kids can actually begin to learn.

If we are looking for ways to keep our kids WANTING to continue to play, most youth baseball organizations and leagues need to look into this change of programing. Our Start Baseball Right Youth Program is a great tee ball alternative. Here take a look at the Start Baseball Right Template we give to all of our organization and league partners.

​And, Start Baseball Right is a proven technique that your organization can use to introduce your kids to our kids and keep them coming back.

Is it time that youth baseball organizations and leagues take the responsibility to provide much needed comprehensive coaching resources for our coaches, assistant coaches and parents? 


Is it time to raise the bar of expectations for our coaches?


But it is hard to raise the bar of expectations when no resources are provided. I realize most organizations and leagues provide a "clinic" as a resource. And, in many cases, the clinic is a wonderful experience, for instance take a look at our Coach Baseball Right Coaching Clinic video archives:

But you need much more than a clinic to really make a difference at the organizational level. Clinics are often a one way street. Coaches and parents go and they listen and then they leave with what notes or memories they have from that event. Coaches and parents need better coaching resources, more comprehensive in scope and accessible. 

While there are many wonderful drills on the Internet, I am not talking about these free baseball drills. Coaches and parents need better direction and resources. They need help with their parent communication, how to run their practices, how to set up the drills in a progressive way for skill development to take place. They need ready made practice templates so they can begin to know how to create their own.

The opportunity for your organizational leaders and parents to have a resource available for you is here. Coach Baseball Right's Organization Certification is that resource that you can now provide your coaches and parents for a price that everyone can afford. Trust me on this.

If you're an organization and league leader/director, it is time to lead.

It is time to provide the leadership that changes how we introduce the game to our kids with Start Baseball Right and time to provide the comprehensive resources for coaches and parents to succeed. Once you do this, you can raise the bar of expectations for your coaches.

Let's work together to make a difference.

Let's improve the experience we give our baseball families.

Start by downloading our Organization and League Development Guide to use at your next meeting this fall and winter. In this guide, you'll see coach development resources, player development resources, and parent communication and support. 

Next Step?

The next step should be certifying your organization and league with our Organization Certification program. In this program, your administrator can simply enter the name and email address to assign a Pro Level Membership to anyone in their organization. That means they will have access to:

  • 300+ video progressive drills by position
  • 30+ Pre Made Weekly Practice Templates 
  • Practice Builder (coaches can create their own practice templates using all of our drills) and Saved Practices
  • 20 Day Hitting Program for coaches and parents to cycle throughout the year
  • 6 Coaching Guides
  • Coaching Academy: How to teach the Game

Questions? Need Assistance?

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or support needs you may have. Our #1 goal is to be the most trusted and comprehensive coaching resource for you and your organization and league. For the organization and league administrators and board members, who downloaded our Ultimate Baseball Organization and League Development Guide, you have have our direct contact information.

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