Free Practice Templates with Drills

0:00 - 0:05 Start Stretching

0:05 -0:15 minutes — Baserunning

Organize into lines behind bases, 3 to 4 players per line. The players will watch an assistant coach/helper or another player.

Reading the Pitcher (use a coach, helper, or player as the pitcher)

Reading Lefties (use a coach, helper, or player as the pitcher)

0:15 -0:25 minutes — Throwing and Catching

Organize players into 2 groups of partners (throwing and receiving). We suggest using one of the foul lines in the outfield as a marker for one  set of partners.

Ready Break Throw w/Ball

Ready Break Throw with each other

After they have done this, save about 2 minutes to have them try to implement these techniques on their own by playing catch by themselves. No more than 2 minutes!

0:25 – 0:40 minutes — Individual Drill Work

Depending on your team’s level and age, you can either rotate these drills among all your players (ie do infield first, then catching, then OF) or (’s recommendation) divide your players into the positions you want them to play.


  • Agility Drill
  • Pitch Out


  • Wake up your feet
  • Circle Backs
  • Poor Throws
  • Flip Drill
  • SS feed far left
  • In-between hop
  • Ball hit 3B throw 1B
  • Catching Fly Balls


  • Find the Spot

0:40 – 0:55 minutes — Team Defense

Cuts (click here for the Coaching Academy’s explanation)

Coach you will lead this by placing all the players into all the positions on the field. You may want to have another coach/helper do the baserunning. This way the players can visually see what the real game situation will be like.

Runner on 1st base; ball hit to any outfielder (OF). OF will throw one base ahead of runner. Throw to 3rd base, the shortstop (SS) is cut, Third baseman (3b) to 3rd base, Second baseman (2b) to 2nd base, First baseman (1b) to 1st base, pitcher back up 3rd base, all the way to the fence.

Runner on 2nd base; ball hit to center field or right field—1b is cut, 2b to 1st base, SS to 2nd base, 3b to 3rd base, pitcher back up home plate.

Runner on 2nd base and base hit to left fielder (at him or down the  line), 3b is cut, SS to 3rd  base, 2B to 2nd base, 1b to 1st base, pitcher back up home plate.

To teach this, set up a small field with 30 foot bases, and walk the kids thru this without using a ball

0:55 – 1:05 hour — Team Base Running

Situation is called 1st-3rd

Put players in a line at 1b and have them react to ball hit to right field as they run from first base to 3rd base

Proper arc—run wide so that when they touch 2nd base they can run in direct line to 3rd base

Put 3b coach into the drill and as the players rounds 2b he picks up coach. Runners run full speed around 2nd base anticipating coach will bring them to 3rdbase. If the coach stops the runner, then runner will get back to 2nd base and look for ball.

1:05 – 1:25 hour —  Hitting

Chair (Paid Member Only)

Hinge (Paid Member Only)

Batting practice – try to have multiple players hit at same time. You could have 4 groups of 3 hitting in different cages.

Throw batting practice from 30 feet using L screen. It is fine to use a front toss early in the season and do the below sequence.

1:25 – 1:45 hour — Pitching Bullpens / PFP (Pitcher Fielding Practice)

When throwing a bullpen, try to have pitcher block the first half of pen and throw to

Imaginary hitter during the second part. Blocking means throw 3 pitches at a spot and take notice of how it feels to get the ball where you want it to go.

Pitcher throws:

3 low away —  3 low away

3 low in  —  3 high in

3 changeups (change in speed pitches)

Now the pitcher will throw to imaginary hitters ( 2 hitters at first) and this will be charted. Keep the bullpens  to 30 pitches when you start out.

PFP (Pitcher fielding practice)

Cover 1st base—hit ball to 1b and have pitcher cover 1st base.

One hopper hit back at pitcher. With nobody on or 2 out, the pitcher will run this

*most of the drills are available for free.