Start Baseball Right Youth Program

A New and Much Needed Way to Introduce Baseball to Youth Players

Tee ball needs to change. Coach Baseball Right has the solution. 

Tee ball is really tough to watch. Most of the time kids struggle staying engaged. 

Fundamentals are often not focused on as result of trying to control kids. Coaches struggle knowing what part of the game to teach and when. 

Usually, everyone involved with tee ball just try to get through the tee ball session so they can just say they did it.

We hear opinions like ones above from administrators and coaches we work with all the time.

Working with organizations across the U.S., Canada, and even Australia, we recommend that administrators and coaches replace their tee ball programs with a program that solely focuses on engagement and development. Scrap the old and tired tee ball model and implement something that makes kids and parentings wanting to play more.

No more tees, no more standing around, no more "just getting through it." 

Our new and much improved youth baseball experience is called Start Baseball Right.

Coach Baseball Right's Start Baseball Right Youth Program is designed to engage youth players in a quick paced, fundamentally focused experience.

Instead, kids will learn different parts of the game through three experiences: fundamentals, fun-game "snippets" model after sections of a real game, and a quick paced scrimmage geared towards hustle and thinking a play ahead.  Kids will have a blast! No doubt they will want to continue to play baseball the next time and be in a better position to develop and have fun! 

The Real Secret is that Start Baseball Right develops parents to be future coaches.

The real secret to Start Baseball Right is that it actually trains and develop parents to be future baseball coaches who are focused on fundamentals and development - a major need and desire of most sports and baseball organizations and their administrators!

We spend a lot of time helping teach parents how to manage and teach the kids during these sessions. Before the kids even step on the field we teach two Parent Coach sessions on the following concepts: 

  • Understand the importance of coaching
  • Understand why we coach (the good and bad reasons)
  • Understand that we're models for the kids - so they're always watching and learning from our reactions
  • Learn the flow, teaching, and management of a Start Baseball Right session with kids participating
  • Learn how to set up a good practice with a focus on good pace
  • Identify age appropriate expectations of the kids in our Start Baseball Right Youth Program session
  • Learn the Start Baseball Right drills and learn how to teach them in sequential scaffolded and progressive manner 
  • Learn how to scaffold and teach fun games that mirror and help learn the game faster

Bring Start Baseball Right to your community!

We have two ways you can help start Start Baseball Right. 

Partner Program

A turnkey program designed to provide all the tools and knowledge to guide a partner in executing the best and most engaging youth baseball experience.

Who would make a great Partner?

Any individual, organization or facility who...

  • Sees the need to change the current introductory experience to baseball
  • Wants to bring a fun and engaging experience focused on fundamentals and positive player and coach development
  • Wants to establish and grow a younger market in their programming
  • Seeks a sustainable business opportunity

The Partner Program is revenue sharing program between the partner and Coach Baseball Right. For more details, contact by filling out the form below. 

Support Program

A support program designed to help established organizations and facilities implement Start Baseball Right by focusing on a strategy to develop credible coaches through support, coaching curriculum and resources. We help you set it up and execute every step of the way.

Who would be a great fit for our Support Program?

Any organization or facility who is... 

  • Committed to community leadership and program excellence.
  • Understands that change is necessary and healthy when striving to be the best option for their community.
  • Wanting to change the current introductory experience to baseball.
  • Looking for a fun and engaging experience focused on fundamentals and positive player and coach development.
  • Wanting to establish and grow a younger market in their programming.

The Support Program is a flat fee program. For more details, contact us through the form below.

Need more information? We'd love to chat.

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Upcoming Start Baseball Right Youth Program Sessions

Coach Baseball Right is now offering the following Start Baseball Right Youth Program sessions for 4 to 6 year old children and their parents. Please click on the following program session that best fits your area and needs. 

If you're an organization and league administrator, who would like to learn more on implementing Start Baseball Right Youth Program, please contact us. We would love to help you.

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