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Our Coaching Philosophy

Coach incredibly fun, dynamic, and elite level baseball practices
without any prep work or even baseball experience.

Everyone is expecting great practices each week. As the coach, you want to deliver. You're busy with work and family. And now baseball.

You can rely on what you already know and do. Or, you can search drills and tips online. There are so many drills online! You spend hours online looking. How do you choose the correct drills? Are they good drills? How do you fit them into your practice? How much time are you willing to spend doing this? Sound familiar? We have THE solution for you. A proven coaching system.

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J.J. K's Testimonial

J.J. had a tough task at first trying to coach a group of young players at vary level of skillset. At first, he doubted whether or not he could teach the game of baseball to his players that was engaging and fundamentally sound.

But, since he has started using the Coaches Membership, J.J. has gained not only confidence in how coaches, but also confidence from his players' parents.

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"Coach Baseball Right is the perfect program for all youths learning to play the game and for those coaches and kids looking to fundamentally improve their skills. As a former player and coach at the Division 1 level, I have first hand seen the importance of getting better every single practice and not wasting a single drill to think you cannot get better. Coach Nicollerat and staff have a successful, fun way to ensure your practices will translate to on field success for years to come."

- David Miller, Purdue University
"Coach Nicollerat never wavered in his journey for mastery, sharing insights while always remaining a student of the game. He had a plan every day, executed every practice with a purpose and intent, prepared and approached each game and life with an inside out approach. He always had a passion for teaching the lessons you don’t always get a chance to be told. I will always be grateful for the lessons he taught me, the player he helped me become, and the values he instilled in me to this day."

- Sasha Kuebel, St. Louis Cardinals Minor League Pitcher and University of Iowa


Our Organizational Program helps baseball organizations and leagues passively raise revenue while providing revolutionizing ways to coach baseball to help retain both players and coaches.

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