Hockey Game

One of our players all time favorite game.

Place two cones or gloves as “goal posts.” Active player stands between the “goal posts.” Inactive players should stand in a line off to the side – be careful that they are not too close!

Depending on age and talent level of the active player between “goal posts,” the coach should line up between 10-15 yards away and hit ground balls or line drives to the player in an attempt to “score.”

If player stops the coach’s shot, the player goes to the back of the line to still play. If the coach “scores,” then the player is out of the game.


  • Change the size of the goal
  • Change the distance from the coach to the player

Great for…

  • Any position (Catcher, Infielder, Outfielder, even Pitchers!)
  • Any age group (Increase the distance and/or intensity based on the level of each player, team)
  • Easy to set up with minimum equipment needed
  • Easy to play in a gym, on a field, or the backyard