Pitcher Covering First Game

This FUN game helps players practice the route they should take to cover first base on an infield ground ball when they are pitching.

In addition, players who catch the ball, then should make a second play on a runner who is rounding third base and heading home. It is ALWAYS important to make sure a player thinks of a second play after the first play!


  • Have a line of players at the pitcher’s mound
  • Have a line of players to run from home to first
  • Coach should be play first base to flip ball to pitcher coming to cover first base
  • (Optional) Have a line of players running from third to home, pitcher should think a play ahead and get the out at first base and then throw home to get a potential second out.
  • Coach says go and pitcher runs around the cone to the line and the up the line to first base (not in a straight line).
  • Coach flips the ball to pitcher when player reaches first base.

Pitcher Covering First Base Game Setup