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Making sure that every player, parent, and coach are on the same page regarding pitching is one of the most important things to focus on in baseball. You've heard many times throughout your child's season, "when do we teach him how to throw a curve ball?" or "how fast is he throwing?" No doubt these are important elements of helping your child in pitching, but it is not the most important.

We need to start helping this kids learn what pitching is all about. It is about command of where you throw the ball, poise (regulating emotion in all situations), and changing speeds. 

How do we do that? Below I've put together some basic elements that I think will help you get started. Enjoy and please share these if you are so inclined with other coaches, your parents, or even your organization!

Pitching Foundation

Below are just a few pitching mentality and preparation videos to help your league or organization establish a good foundation for coaches, players and their families. Please use them to better your program.

​Coaches Community

Please join our exclusive Coaches Community to share your thoughts on pitching. We would love to hear people who are doing it the right way!

Basic Pitching Components

Pitching Backwards

Practice Ideas for Pitchers

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