PROBLEM: Lack of Fundamentals and "Being Seen"


There is a strange and peculiar thing happening with some baseball teams and players. And it seems that it is becoming a problem. What is happening is that player's today aren't playing baseball the right way. What I mean about this and the reason why it is a problem is that there is a lack of fundamentals in today's players. Players don't know how or even when to bunt. Players don't know how to pitch (rather they 'move the gun'). Players struggle at running the bases - "Go Halfway!" They fail to "hit their cuts."  The list can go on and on...

I think the root of this problem is this mentality for players to "be seen." In the above video, Coach Baseball Right founder Steve Nicollerat discusses this problem of lack of fundamentals and "being seen."

#Baseball Problem: "Young players struggle w/ fundamentals. They play the game to “be seen” rather than trying to win."

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Baseball is a sport that fundamentals need to be strong in order to be successful. If we aren't giving our players something more...more engaging ideas, more engaging plays, understanding that the purpose of the game is to beat the other team and not to be "seen," then we are doing a disservice to our kids. 

One of my primary purposes for creating Coach Baseball Right is to share what I have learned and to help the next generation of coaches do it better than I did. ​

Take Away

There seems to be a Problem: Lack of Fundamentals and "Being Seen" in today's teams. It also seems that this problem is now changing the game at the highest levels. Here a couple of things you can do to help make a positive change. 

  • Don't follow what the other teams are doing. Be different!
  • Focus on winning the game by understanding and using the fundamentals of the game.
  • Make sure you practice! Too many teams play way too many games. (We had a video go viral that nailed this message. Here it is if you want to watch it.)

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Throughout 40 years of teaching and coaching, I have learned a ton from a lot of people. I am still teaching and coaching and I am still learning from others. I want to hear from you and what works for you! How are you helping avoid the problem: lack of fundamentals and "being seen"?

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Steve Nicollerat

Educator, Coach, National Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor, and Founder of Coach Baseball Right​

I've learned a lot throughout my 40 years of teaching and coaching. I want to share what I have learned to help new coaches help keep their kids engaged and playing while helping them develop personally through the game I love.

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